About me

I am an 10+ years experienced interactive and product designer with background in Advertising, currently living and working in Hong Kong.

My passion is in solving problems in a creative way.
I like to be focused in strategy and I love engaging storytelling to create memorable and crafted experiences.


For the past five years I have the great pleasure to live between Shanghai and Hong Kong. This has gave me the experience to work for different markets across Asia such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and more.

In the past 10+ years I had the pleasure to work for international companies like / Heathwallace / EF Education First / BBDO / DDB and DRAFT FCB where I had the chance to develop projects for different markets such as: US, Latin America, Europe and APAC.


In 2016 I had the pleasure to been awarded by the MARKies Awards in the category of
"Best Use of Apps" with the project ManulifeMove.

In April 17 of 2010 we won the FWA Award "Site of the Day" with the project Mini-Mundi.


Write me if you need help with your next project.

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