In 2017, with a talented team of designers,
we re-designed their corporate and enterprise websites.

So we got started

We started by conducting stakeholder interviews at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

We also conducted Co-Creation Workshops on-site with some of the main stakeholders to come up with the best user experience for their audience but also striving to have a balance with their marketing requirements.

In parallel, we created 3 Design Concepts from which 2 were presented to the key stakeholders.


Design is not art. It is about crafting solutions to real issues.

Mark Boulton ~


Design for experiences that people love to have repeatedly.



Design for clear and straightforward interactions to guide the users to the right channel. Our users should always know what to do and how to do it.



Huawei personality should be the foundation of this project, and a reflection of your culture, values, and promise to customers. These should come through in all of your customer-facing communications and content.


Design for your Customers.

Give the right content to your users. Different cultures and user types should be able to understand the content presented in our framework.


Design Process.

A creative process has been followed in order to develop a design system for Huawei corporate and enterprise websites.

We started by studying the Huawei Design Brand Guidelines and then we continued by creating a Mood-Board with graphic elements, colours, icons and images to inspire the following visuals.

Once the desired visual direction was in place based on all our elements selected on the Mood-Board we moved forward with the creation of 3 design concepts


Design Features.

•  Unconventional Layout
•  Stronger Huawei Branding
•  Graphic Content
•  Gradients Colours
•  Round Edges
•  Simple Interactions


Here are some of the initial design explorations I did to set the overall Art Direction for the corporate and enterprise websites. 


Hero Banners


I started exploring different layouts for the hero banner or top area of the website. The biggest challenge we have was, to find a way to display different kind of information such as events, new products, power features and business units all at the same time.

Huawei wanted to have a homepage to be used as the main hub for all its products and services. They wanted to make it easy for their users to find what they wanted and needed faster. 


Final UI
& Art Direction

For the final user interface (UI), we created a scalable and modular design system. Our goal was to provide Huawei team with all the possible variations of components and templates so they could play around and experiment creating new modules and pages as needed.


You can watch the video for more design details or by clicking through the screens here

The Team

Sharon Fernandes - Managing Director

Aurelia Wong - Strategy & Client Lead

Chris Gillen - Project Manager

Cesar Barizon - UX Design Lead

Stephanie Pui - UX Designer

Estuardo Heer - Visual Design Lead

Fraser Wilkie - Senior UI Designer

Chris Plosaj - UI Designer

Chao Su - Senior Researcher

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