In 2015 we got asked to come up with a mobile application {MVP}. We got it done in two weeks!

Time to go agile


What is ManulifeMOVE?

It's first-of-its-kind health and fitness mobile app that tracks personal fitness data through wearable devices and incentivises users with insurance premium discounts and other performance-based rewards with engaging in-app data visualisation, gamification and tailored personal training programs. 


Business Challenge

With technology changing the insurance industry, Manulife needed to move from health protection to health promotion, and find a way to reach a new, younger set of customers.


What We Made

We created ManulifeMOVE.
This mobile and web application harnesses the power of wearable technologies to empower customers to be proactive in managing their health and links activity to premium discounts.


Business Impact

Enrollment exceeded the goal for 2015 by more than 31%. 
Manulife's rank increased from #8 to #6.


A Collaborative, Iterative

We designed ManulifeMOVE app and created the digital experience with touchpoints that motivate consumers to adopt healthy habits and sustain their lifestyle behaviours in a personalized, engaging way.

Collaborating across different functional areas of Manulife’s business, we adapted a very nimble way of working. This dedicated partnership was the key element where the power of design thinking drove customer experience-led approach to product development.
Driven by human behavioural insights, we crafted the end-to-end making of ManulifeMOVE to produce a relevant, simple and delightful proposition for customers. The design process involved an iterative approach to visualising and prototyping the solution which was instrumental in giving clear shape to the intended concept as it evolved.


Business Impact

  • Manulife's rank increased from #8 to #6 with an increase in new business premium
    market share from 3.7% to 4.4% in 2015 Q3 vs 2015 Q2*

  • Sales increased (contributed) by 14.1% ahead of market growth of -2.2%

Engaged and Converted Gen Y

  • 57% of Manulife MOVE enrollees is Gen Y vs 37% for the same products for 2014+

  • Consumer research showed that among Gen Y, Manulife’s brand awareness increased from 64% to 74% and brand consideration increased from 20% to 28% (Mar 15 vs Oct 15)


Awards earned



Team members for initial MVP



Market growth

The Impact

For Customers - It is an opportunity to proactively manage and view the progress of your health habits in a personalised way. The healthier habits you adopt, the more rewards you receive. 

For Manulife - It is the ability to provide greater value to customers by applying design thinking by shaping the proposition to drive a broader set of interactions and experience between the customer and the insurer that goes beyond a traditional policy.

For Industry - It is a pivotal shift for the industry from health protection to health promotion, from being reactive in health management to one that’s proactive and preventive, transforming insurance into a lifestyle industry.



For the first time, an insurance company in Hong Kong was having a conversation with their customers. Before that, they will only contact Manulife to claim back from their illness. Thanks to that Manulife was able to make a great impact in their industry. 

Hard work pays off!


•  Markies Gold (Best Idea, Apps)
•  Markies Gold (Best Idea, Digital)
•  Markies Gold (Best Use of Digital)
•  Markies Silver (Best Use of Technology)
•  Markies Silver (Best Use of Apps)
•  Mob-Ex Silver (Best App, Finance)
•  Mob-Ex Silver (Best User Experience)


The Design

The first version of MOVE (MVP) was conceptualised and designed in 5 days. On the first week of the project, the team designed user journey’s, wireframes and the user interface.

The first version of ManulifeMOVE became available on iOS and Android in Oct 2015. Future versions are currently in the making with more exciting features such as gamification and enhanced personal training.


Initial Team

Sharon Fernandes - Managing Director

Chris Gillen - Project Manager

Yuvraj D - UX Design Lead

Estuardo Heer - Visual Design Lead

Fraser Wilkie - Senior UI Designer

Maria Ximena Heer - Senior UI Designer

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