We created a design concept for UnionBank. One of the biggest banks in the Philippines.


The Challenge

UnionBank asked us to come up with a unique online banking experience.

The main challenge was to create personalised e-banking system, with modules that would allow users to change the order of the dashboard based on their portfolio of products, being able to have quick access with their statements and balances, track their loan payments and more. Also, allow users to customise the look and feel of the platform (UI & layout).


The Process

We started by conducting user research in Metro Manila. By interviewing a group of loyal UnionBank customers in one of one sessions. We ask them which tools and power features they would like to use on their day to day basis. Thanks to all the data gathered from the users and stakeholder interviews we managed to get a clearer idea of what users wanted.


As part of the process, we created a set of wireframes to define the layout and also the overall experience for the users. We also introduced all the desired power features so we could test them later on at the prototyping and usability stage.


We used the stimulus to get a sensory/behavioural response from the users. We gave them several modules so they could come up with their own versions of the dashboard. 


After a few quick design iterations and rounds of feedback, we finalized the overall art direction and UI for our final concept.

Design Exploration

Before getting to the final Art Direction, I played around for 2 days with different UI elements and colour palettes and this is the result of that.


Design Concept

For the final design concept, we created a dynamic time-shifting theme that it would change colours. We picked an orange gradient for day-time and a dark blue for night-time. The idea of this dashboard is that users could turn on and off modules so they could personalize their view based on their needs.


The Team

Sharon Fernandes - Managing Director

Homaxi Irani - Lead Researcher

Yu Shing Sit - UX Design Lead

Estuardo Heer - Visual Design Lead

Bessie Zhao - Senior UI Designer

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